Lasagna for Lunch:
Declaring Peace with
Emotional Eating
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Declaring Peace with
Emotional Eating

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Lasagna for Lunch

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Evolving from Impasse to Possibility
In this chapter, I share my journey of learning how to decode the heart and soul of eating disorders and how curiosity, self reflection, compassion, and even humor open the door to declaring peace with emotional eating.
Chapter 2. Frozen Grief and Emotional Eating
Loss and unresolved grief can play a significant part in emotional eating. This chapter illustrates how crucial it is for people to mourn the sorrows that have kept them stuck in bingeing, purging, or starving.
Chapter 3. The Inner World of the Emotional Eater
We study the internal landscape of the emotional eater—all the variations on a theme from anorexia to bulimia to binge eating to obesity to men with eating disorders.
Chapter 4. Body Image and Culture
We discuss the conflicts, confusion, and quarrels with our bodies and how to find our way to grow from conflict to contentment.
Chapter 5. Childhood Attachments and Eating Disorders
How did we learn that loving food is safer than loving people? That trusting food is safer than trusting people? We discover how to reclaim a nourishing connection with food, ourselves, and others.
Chapter 6. The Family: From Conflict to Connection
We analyze the family connection—the original cast of characters that may have set the stage for withdrawing into eating problems as a tool to cope with family stress.
Chapter 7. Sexual Abuse and Substance Abuse
The trauma of sexual abuse often impacts emotional eaters. This may lead to substance abuse as well. Recovery involves integrating treatment for both types of abuse.
Chapter 8. From Gridlock to Growth: Confronting Obstacles to Change
We explore motivation, hope, readiness to change and how to overcome the obstacles to discovering your healing path.
Chapter 9. Psychotherapy for Eating Disorders: A Second Chance
The healing relationship between therapist and client provides the bridge between emotional eating and the road to recovery.
Chapter 10. Food, Glorious Food! Declaring Peace with Emotional Eating
What role does food play in your recovery? Come join me in my office for food and nutrition rehabilitation.

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The New York Center for Eating Disorders
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