Table of Contents


Part 1: The Inner World of the Emotional Eater

Chapter 1: When Trusting Food Is Safer than Trusting People
Chapter 2: Conducting an Eating Disorder Assessment: Who, What, When, Where, Why, How?
Chapter 3: Treatment Part 1: Awareness Is the First Step
Chapter 4: Treatment Part 2: Action Strategies
Chapter 5: Medications and the Eating Disorder Client
Chapter 6: The Therapeutic Relationship: Cultivating Hope and Connection

Part 2: Multicultural Perspectives, Gender Competency, and the Impact of Social Media in Eating Disorder Treatment

Chapter 7: A Multicultural Perspective on Eating Disorders
Chapter 8: Gender, Sexual Identity, and Eating Disorders: What’s the Connection?
Chapter 9: The World of Social Media, Eating Disorders, and “Selfie-Esteem”
Epilogue: Ear Lobes in Five Generations
Appendix A: The Diagnoses of Eating Disorders
Appendix B: Resources for Eating Disorders