Professionals Say

"There's plenty to celebrate in Mary Anne Cohen's 20th anniversary reissuance of French Toast for Breakfast, her gift to self-help eating disorder literature. A volume full of clinical wisdom and human compassion, Cohen shares her vision that ultimately recovery is the richest of banquets, offering satisfaction, not deprivation, redirecting those captured by the tyranny of "thin" to trust in self and in human relationships. In chapter after chapter, richly illuminated with examples from real people and tools for self-examination, Cohen demystifies a confusing and complex disorder and makes accessible a path toward hope and healing."

Susan Schulherr, LCSW,
Author, Eating Disorders for Dummies

"In this excellent book, Mary Anne Cohen, a highly experienced eating disorders therapist, explains how when painful experiences are too difficult to express directly, we may recruit our bodies to declare what cannot be uttered in words: our feelings of hurt, loss, fear, grief, rage or shame. We then overeat, become anorectic or develop other forms of eating disorders. She provides clear examples and helpful exercises which guide the reader to an understanding of how her (or his) ways of relating to food became a vehicle for expressing these painful emotions, and offers tools, techniques and guidance for how to structure one's own path to recovery."

Richard Trachtman, PhD, LCSW,
Author, Money And The Pursuit of Happiness In Good Times and Bad

"Drawing from her own recovery, the stories of her clients, and current research, it is clear that Cohen is an expert on healing emotional eating. Full of psychological wisdom and compassion about the roots of emotional eating and the path to recovery, this clinical handbook stands out among the many books written for troubled eaters."

Karen Koenig, LICSW,
Author, The Rules of "Normal" Eating and Outsmarting Overeating

"Mary Anne Cohen insightfully elucidates the poignant battle those with eating disorders face in terms of their fear of fat and the flood of loss and other emotions these patients must confront once goal weight is realized. The question, Now what? often necessitates exploration of how to help people manage the experience of "success." I fully recommend this book for anyone wishing to delve into how to work through these dilemmas."

Gwenn A. Nusbaum, LCSW,
Trauma and Eating Disorders Specialist,
Private Practice, New York City

"Mary Anne Cohen has done helping professionals and emotional eaters a great service. This book engagingly shows how connections with people--in therapy or in support groups --can help heal food problems with human attachments."

Ellen S. Daniels, LCSW,
Psychotherapist in Private Practice, New York City

"Mary Anne Cohen has a gift for explaining how to declare peace with emotional eating with her rich use of case studies emphasizing a wide range of healing methods while giving hope to the reader. The message that life is to be lived and enjoyed permeates throughout."

Louise Parente, PhD, LCSW,
International Associate of Eating Disorder Specialists

"In French Toast for Breakfast, Mary Anne Cohen illuminates the reality of eating disorders with compassion, clarity, and wit. She provides the wisdom of a skilled therapist to give patients and therapists alike insight into the emotional roots of eating disorders and hope for their treatment."

Sheila Buff,
Best-selling Health and Nutrition Writer