Readers Say

Cohen continues as the premier voice on the subject of emotional eating and the many ways this impacts peoples' lives. Her fluency with these complex issues is always in evidence as she informs us in a most readable and entertaining way. French Toast for Breakfast, as well as Lasagna for Lunch are valuable contributions to the literature on these matters and one that should be considered an important read for everyone affected by these issues. One way or another, that really is everyone!

Dr. Richard Joelson 

"I love the way Mary Anne Cohen writes about eating disorders. This book is one of the best I have read on the subject with the exception of her other book, Lasagna for Lunch. She brings poetry, compassion, honesty and wisdom to the subject of eating disorders as well as the treatment and healing of pain and yearning. Mary Anne writes about her own struggle with food and takes the reader on a journey of the workings of the human heart. Mary Anne's book has the expertise of a novelist and the brilliance of a first rate clinician. Her honesty, knowledge and her poetic writing makes French Toast for Breakfast hard to put down."

Anne Bobrick, LCSW, private practice

"Fabulous book for anyone struggling with their relationship to food and their body. Mary Anne Cohen is an incredible voice of hope and wisdom from overcoming emotional eating. She is an extremely gifted writer that is able to bring to light the shameful, confusing and darker parts of living with binge eating and bulimia. This is a must-read for anyone struggling with their relationship to food and their body. I found it very helpful in my healing and understanding of why I ever turned to food in the first place."

Jessica Raymond, M.S. Founder of Recovery Warriors

"Mary Anne Cohen has done it again with her latest edition of French Toast for Breakfast! As a Nutritionist working with people struggling with disordered eating, I'm always on the lookout for helpful resources -- and this book is one I have (and will continue to) recommend to both clients and colleagues. Mary Anne's writing is a unique blend of entertaining, very informative, relatable and thought-provoking... each chapter easily "digestible." Based on her extensive experience as a psychotherapist, Mary Anne highlights the ways in which people develop and sustain unhealthy relationships with food, eating and their bodies... while offering creative and concrete solutions for healing. French Toast for Breakfast is a great read for anyone who might be struggling with emotional eating, in any form (i.e., bingeing, compulsive overeating, restricting, purging, and/or poor body image). It's also a wonderful resource for clinicians to help better understand the experience of their clients needing support around these issues, and how to help."

Lindsay Krasna, Registered Dietitian

"I have known Mary Anne Cohen professionally for forty-three years. She poses the rare combination of being a talented creative writer and a highly competent and compassionate psychotherapist. Add to this mixture a good dose of humor and you have a book that cannot be beat!"

Aaron Katz Cohen, MSW

"French Toast for Breakfast is a warm and wonderful guide to understanding the inner roots of emotional eating. Mary Anne says "everybody's eating problem is unique as a fingerprint" and she helps readers with a special questionnaire to figure out what approach will help them heal. Heartfelt case examples brings the therapy process alive."

R. Dimick

"I was so happy to read French Toast for Breakfast. I had taken part in your workshops a few years ago and our discussions have helped me tremendously. I was married in 1992 and am fortunate to find such a wonderful husband. However, I don’t think I would have ever opened myself to the opportunity of knowing the joys of this relationship had I not received your guidance. You were instrumental in showing me how to build perspective and keep from being my harshest critic. I can’t thank you enough!"

B.A., Brooklyn, NY

"I just finished reading French Toast for Breakfast. Thank you for writing such a wonderful book. I was delighted to see you not only acknowledge but address the issue of the addiction versus the no-diet theory. Thank you so much for a compassionate, nurturing book."

M.S., Petersham, Massachusetts
Recovering Compulsive Overeater

"You are such an excellent writer as well as speaker. As you know, I think you are doing particularly important work. It is an honor to be associated with your work."

D.G., New York
Father of Recovering Bulimic

"I am enjoying your book French Toast For Breakfast. Thank you. Great book! You have fantastic understanding about eating disorders."

P.M., Daphne, Alabama

"I cannot tell you the positive effects your book has had on me. It’s just what the doctor ordered: powerful medicine! The book is touching me on many levels: giving me inspiration, hope, taking me back into the past to things I haven’t thought about in years, giving me so many ideas on how to break out of my patterns. It is coaxing me back to life."

L.M., Queens, New York
Recovering Compulsive Eater

"I just binged on your great book! Then, I sent it to my sister who is in an eating disorder rehab in Pittsburgh, and everyone has been fighting to read it."

M.L., Memphis, Tennessee

"Your book has helped me get my life back. You are a wonderful and gifted person."

T.C., Bronx, New York
Recovering Bulimic

"I just read FTFB and cried all the way through it. It is truly life changing. I couldn’t put it down."

K.D., Rochester N.Y.

"FTFB is an extraordinary book. I was so moved by it. It was a breakthrough for me."

W.C., Manhattan, N.Y.
Recovering Bulimic

"FTFB was so informative. Many girls in our program are reading it."

C.M., Mahopac, N.Y.

"Thanks, Mary Anne. Your book French Toast is a very interesting manual about emotional life. I have now understood very much about myself."

S.G., Madrid, Spain

"I am highly impressed with your book."

L.L., Staten Island, N.Y.

"I couldn’t put it down. I was so helped by the information on sabotage."

C.D., Westchester, N.Y.

"I can’t even tell you what this book meant to me. I enjoyed it. It jumped off the shelf."

C.E., West Bloomfield, Michigan

"I totally, totally related to FTFB."

M.R.,CSW, Westchester, N.Y.

"FTFB is really incredible. Thank you."

J.A., Brooklyn, N.Y.

"I really loved FTFB. Every page spoke to me."

S.L., Jerusalem, Israel

"FTFB was really wonderful and impactful, so powerful."

A.S., Brooklyn, N.Y.

"You are as helpful in person as you are in your writing. Thanks for taking up this work."

M.H., Washington, D.C.

"It just affected me so emotionally."

L.S., Boston, Mass. 

"I just can’t believe how your book speaks to me. FTFB is really wonderful."

M.H., New York, N.Y.

"I am bulimic. Now I know I am not alone with my problem and I can do things to help me recover. French Toast is my tool to heal. I read it and reread it each time I need to get strength. I identify with almost all the case examples, including Mary Anne."

L., Zaragoza, Spain
Translated from Spanish on

"FTFB has opened my eyes to a lot of things about me personally."

J.G., Brooklyn, N.Y.

"FTFB is really wonderful. You resonated with me."

K.W., Atlanta, Georgia

"FTFB is a great book."

E.M., Brooklyn, N.Y.

"Just read ‘FTFB’ and was moved to write you a thank you note in appreciation for your systematic insight into Emotional Eating, how to understand the behavior, and get a handle on how to successfully resolve the problem for yourself. It’s the best and most helpful book I’ve ever read in my life! I feel like I just had the benefit of a year of private therapy!"

J.N., Newtown, Pennsylvania

"Your book is exactly me. My daughter and I both love your book. Beautiful examples."

V.M., Brooklyn, N.Y.

"It’s such a blessed relief to have benefited from your insight -- a thousand thank yous for sharing your expertise and experience. I feel like you just unlocked the mysteries of the world for me to see and understand and be healed by! Your book changed my life."

D.R., San Antonio, Texas

"Mary Anne’s book was instrumental in my recovery."

H.D., Syracuse, N.Y.

"I am writing this letter to congratulate you highly on your book "FTFB." I feel compelled to let you know that I found it open, honest, sincere, informative, complete, enlightening, useful, and quite uplifting. I have read many books on eating disorders and yours hit home from cover to cover."

N.C., Ronkonkoma, N.Y.

"I’m writing to tell you thank you for your book. I can’t tell you how much I could relate to what you were saying. I have finally found a book that hits all areas of an eating disorder. Your book helped me understand that I may need to combine different approached to be effective."

J.O., Bloomington, IL

"Your approach of integrating an addiction model with a non-diet approach was very interesting to me. As I’d been personally involved in each approach at different times. They always seemed at cross purposes with each other. It was helpful to have them weaved together as you did. I thought anything useful about compulsivity with food had already been written. I am happy to say that I was wrong. Thank you for sharing your perspectives and for helping me move beyond my bias!"

D.L., Albany, N.Y.

"I’m a 42 year old man. This book finally gave me the understand and help that I need to find out why I ate and for what reasons. It allowed me the freedom to choose what I want and the courage to get it. No more guilt. My life long search for food freedom is finally here."

D.F., New York City
From Barnes &

"It’s a great book and just what I was looking for!"

W.W., Jacksonville, Oregon

"French Toast was great!"

L.Q.M., St Davids, Bermuda

"So real, so enjoyable. You wrote this book about me."

N.K., Brooklyn, New York