Table of Contents

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Introduction: Declaring Peace is an Inside Job

I. The Inner World of the Emotional Eater

Chapter 1. The Fear of Fat: Decoding the Obsession
Chapter 2. Shame and Intimacy
Chapter 3. Sexuality and Self-Expression
Chapter 4. Anger and Assertiveness
Chapter 5. Overcoming the Fear of Success

II. The Tools and Techniques for Change

Chapter 6. Addiction: When You Are Powerless
Chapter 7. No More Diets, No More Deprivation
Chapter 8. Habits: Breaking the Chains That Bind
Chapter 9. Psychotherapy: Getting Help with Healing
Chapter 10. Medication, Mood and Mallomars

III. Creating Your Own Plan For Peace

Chapter 11. How to Plan Your Own Path
Chapter 12. Relapse: Lessons Along the Path
Chapter 13. Questions & Answers